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211 Travel Training offers free individual or group instruction for how to use Nevada County Connects, the Western Nevada County public bus system. The travel trainer helps people create an individualized training plan to meet their specific travel needs and goals. They learn how to plan their trip, make their journey, and build confidence in using the bus system.

211 Travel Training offers three types of instruction
1. One-On-One Travel Training - Instruction in the skills necessary for independent travel on the public bus system.
2. Public Transit Orientation for Your Group or Organization - A group activity for explaining the local transportation system. Public Transit Orientation occurs at a designated location such as a classroom, home, or office. The orientation includes: overview of local transit system; use of map and schedules for trip planning; fares, passes, and payment options.
3. Route or Destination Specific Group Trips  - An experiential small group training  to use the transportation system with a travel trainer accompanying travelers who might have a range of transportation experience. This training includes elements of the Public Transit Orientation while providing a route-specific or destination-specific trip. An Experiential Orientation can be customized for specific groups based on age, disability, interest, location, destination, route, or other factors.
The training includes:
  • Overview of local transit system
  • Use of map and schedules for trip planning
  • Fares, passes, and payment options
  • Vehicle features
  • Onboard etiquette
  • Locating stops and identifying buses
  • Use of mobility devices while boarding, riding, exiting
What People Will Learn
  • How to read, understand, and use the transit system map and bus schedules
  • Where to catch the bus to shop, get to appointments, go into town, and more
  • How to plan every step of a trip and make the journey