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The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County has a variety of programs designed to increase fire safety in wildfire country.

Specific programs include the following. Find links to more info here:
  • Access & Functional Needs (AFN) - Low-income senior residents or those with medical disabilities may qualify for assistance with defensible space clearing.
  • Defensible Space Advisory Visit (DSAV) - This program provides a one-on-one consultation at your home for comprehensive education on compliance with defensible space requirements around structures.
  • Chipping Program - The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County offers low-cost ($75/hr) chipping of brush cleared for defensible space of any permanent structure, and/or 30 feet from any roadside or driveway used for evacuation purposes.
  • Address Signs - The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County creates Reflective Safety Address Signs so Public Safety personnel can find you in an emergency.
  • Firewise USA® - The Firewise USA® Program provides resources to help homeowners learn how to adapt to living with wildfire while teaching and encouraging neighborhoods to come together to take action to reduce their wildfire risks. Downloadable forms on how to become a Firewise Community available.
  • Scotch Broom Challenge - Create a team to start physically removing this highly flammable, invasive plant.
  • Green Waste - Occasional Green Waste drop off events as funding allows.
  • Low Cost Defensible Space Clearing Services - Our crews are available to perform defensible space clearing services according to the same standards and best practices taught in our Defensible Space Advisor training. Contact us to request a quote. 
12/2/22 - The Fire Safe Council is the point of contact for the South County Shaded Fuel Break program. Residents with questions can contact Fire Safe Council of Nevada County at or by phone at 530-272-1122.