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PSPS is a Public Safety Power Shutoff event. Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) may do a PSPS when danger of wildfires is high. PSPS Care Coordination is a program to help PG&E customers who have health and medical needs that require electricity. Care Coordination helps to get a plan in place for resources that can be used during a PSPS power outage event. Callers will receive a follow up call from Connecting Point staff so they can create their plan. The care coordination call will typically take 30-45 minutes.
Who qualifies?
Those who have access & functional needs, and/or are electricity dependent during a power outage (examples include medical equipment or medications that rely on power, accessibility equipment that relies on power, etc).
What is Care Coordination?
Care Coordination helps you create a safety plan by providing information about what to do before, during, and after a power outage. The Care Coordinator can help you:
  • Build a list of emergency contacts and your support network
  • Register for alerts and notifications
  • Sign you up for programs you may be eligible for such as the PG&E Medical Baseline program and the Disability Disaster Access & Resources (DDAR) program
  • Identify support organizations and local emergency departments
  • Learn what important health and medical information to gather
  • Consider a backup power source for medical equipment and assistive technology
  • Consider transportation needs in case of power outages or other emergencies
  • Learn how to make your own emergency kits – a Go Bag and a Stay at Home checklist
Examples of programs you might be enrolled in or referred to by the Care Coordinator:
  • MEDICAL BASELINE ENROLLMENT - If you or someone in your community requires the use of a medical or life support device due to a disability or health condition, we can help you apply for PG&E’s Medical Baseline Program. The PG&E Medical Baseline Program is not an income-based program. If approved, clients receive a lower rate on their monthly energy bill as well as extra notifications in advance of a Public Safety Power Shutoff.
  • CARE or FERA ENROLLMENT - CARE and FERA are PG&E discount programs that help eligible customers pay their energy bills. California Alternate Rates for Energy Program (CARE): A monthly discount of 20% or more on gas and electricity. Participants qualify through income guidelines or if enrolled in certain public assistance programs. Family Electric Rate Assistance Program (FERA): A monthly discount of 18% on electricity only. Must be a household with three or more people. Participants qualify through income guidelines. Info and income guidelines for both programs here:
  • DISABILITY DISASTER ACCESS & RESOURCES (DDAR) - DDAR assists individuals with disabilities and older adults in disaster readiness and recovery. Individuals who complete the application will be contacted by their local Disability Disaster Access & Resource Center (DDARC) staff (FREED for Nevada and Placer Counties) and assessed for disaster and emergency services, including Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events. Apply for DDAR Resources and Services at