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    Auburn, Placer
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Chapa-De provides prenatal health services at both our Auburn and Grass Valley Health Centers.

In addition to regular appointments with your doctor, our Baby Luv Program helps women get the education and services needed for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

Chapa-De's services include:
  • Check-ups at Chapa-De once a month or more until your 34th week, where you would then start having weekly appointments at Chapa-De with OBGYNs from Camelia Women’s Health who can deliver your baby at Mercy San Juan Medical Center
  • Tests to check your health and the health of your baby
  • Classes and one-on-one information about pregnancy, child birth, baby care, and breastfeeding
  • Referral to community agencies that can provide additional help and services
  • Information about where to go for financial help, health insurance like Medi-Cal, or food programs like WIC or local food banks
  • Help with cutting down or quitting smoking, drinking, or using drugs
  • Help eating healthy foods while you are pregnant
  • Counseling on problems or family issues you may have
  • Postpartum care to assure that you recover well after the baby is born
  • Newborn care to assure your baby a healthy start in life
  • Future family planning

We are here to help! There are many kinds of people who may help you during your pregnancy: doctors, nurse midwives, nurses, health educators, community health workers, social workers, nutritionists, job counselors, Medi-Cal workers, and family planning counselors.

The highly trained and caring staff at Chapa-De supports mothers through every step of their pregnancy and beyond.

This is one of many possible First 5 Nevada County Ready to Grow (R2G) program resources. Ready to Grow resources are those that support the well-being of children ages 0-5.