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What is a Clean Room?
A clean room is a room that is set up to keep levels of smoke and other particles as low as possible during wildfire smoke events. A clean room should be free from activities that create particles such as cooking or smoking, and the doors and windows should be kept closed to prevent smoke from getting in. A clean room can also contain a portable air cleaner that makes the air in the room cleaner than the rest of the home.  

Why Create a Clean Room?
If there is an active fire in your area, or if the Air Quality Index indicates smoke levels are unhealthy and forecasted to remain there, local authorities may advise you to stay indoors or create a clean room. Spending time in a clean room at home can help reduce your exposure to smoke while staying indoors.
Conditions can change quickly, so you should always be prepared to evacuate if necessary. Follow your local news, the AirNow website,, or your state air quality website for up-to-date information.

Who Needs a Clean Room?
As long as it is safe to stay indoors at home, anyone can benefit from spending time in a clean room during a wildfire smoke event. It may be most helpful for people who are at greater risk from the effects of smoke such as children, older adults, and people with heart disease or breathing problems. If you have heart or lung disease, including asthma, check with your health care provider about what to do during smoke events.
Learn more about the health effects of wildfire smoke,​.

If you can’t stay cool at home, the electricity goes out, or too much smoke is still getting in your home, it may be best to seek shelter elsewhere.
You may be able to:
  • Stay with friends or family who are not affected by the smoke.
  • Go to a public cleaner air shelter.
  • Seek relief from the smoke in a large commercial building with air conditioning and good air filtration, like a shopping mall.