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Cal Voices is dedicated to improving the lives of residents in the diverse communities of California through advocacy, education, research, and culturally relevant services. Some programs are offered in specific counties or regions, others are statewide.

Placer County
  • Family Advocates with Placer County Parent Partners offer the following
    • Use creative, culturally sensitive, and strengths-based thinking to support families in achieving their goals.
    • Provide support to families receiving services from Placer County’s Children’s System of Care, including:
      • Behavioral Health
      • Drug Court
      • Child Welfare
      • Juvenile Probation Services
    • Create connections between teachers, juvenile probation officers, mental health workers, and social workers.
    • Support families where applicable
      • Court proceedings
      • Treatment team meetings
      • School meetings
    • Assist families in being equal partners with professionals assisting them.
    • Provide an opportunity for parents to benefit from the support and understanding of other parents who have gone through similar experiences.
    • Link families to community resources and supports.
    • For more information, email or call 530-886-5427
Regional & Statewide Programs include
  • ACCESS ​California, a statewide consumer-led public mental health advocacy program
  • WISE U (Workforce Integration Support and Education)​ a peer training course designed to increase the peer workforce and aid in the development of peer support services already within substance-use disorder and mental health service settings. The primary goal is to assist WISE U participants with placement into a  full-time or part-time, paid or volunteer peer position in the public mental health field.
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