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    Placer County VITA
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Call Sacramento 211 at 916-498-1000 or 844-546-1464 if you would like to inquire about VITA appointments that may still be available in Sacramento County.
211 schedules appointments for eligible people for the Placer County Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. Scheduling started on Thursday, 1/25/24 for appointments beginning on Monday, 1/29/24 and ending on Friday, 3/29/24.
About VITA
The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program provides free tax assistance to qualifying individuals and families who earned less than $65,000 in 2023. The coalition also helps educate the public on the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). VITA is available through Placer County Health and Human Services in cooperation with IRS and United Way. Preparation assistance is available online at YourFreeTaxPrep.org or in person by IRS trained volunteers.

VITA Schedule
The Placer County VITA program will run January 29, 2024 through March 29, 2024. Deadline for individuals filing 2023 federal income taxes is April 15, 2023.

Online Filing
For filing 2023 taxes in 2024, free virtual tax preparation assistance through VITA is available online at YourFreeTaxPrep.org.

In-person appointment locations for eligible people
If people are unable to file online, there are in-person appointments in the following communities at specific dates and times. Call 211 for available appointments. These appointments are for drop off only. Taxes will not be prepared in person at that time.

  • Auburn - 11434 B Avenue, Auburn
  • Colfax - Sierra Vista Community Center, 55 School St, Colfax
  • Foresthill - Veterans Memorial Hall, 24601 Harrison St, Foresthill
  • Lincoln - Lincoln McBean Park, 65 McBean Park Drive, Lincoln (look for Free Tax Prep Mobile E-Bus)
  • Rocklin - Johnson Springview Park, 5480 5th St, Rocklin (look for Free Tax Prep Mobile E-Bus)
  • Rocklin - Sierra College, 5000 Rocklin Road, Rocklin (Basic Needs Center) Sierra College Students ONLY
  • Rocklin - 1000 Sunset Blvd, Rocklin
  • Roseville - Roseville Square Center, 415 Roseville Square, Roseville
  • Sheridan - Celebration Family Worship, 5721 Tenth Street, Sheridan (look for Free Tax Prep Mobile E-Bus)

General info about in-person appointments

  • No same day appointments.
  • For next day appointments, no scheduling or cancelations after 3pm each day.
  • For appointments in two or more days, scheduling and cancelations can be done Mon-Sat 7am-8pm and Sun 8:30am-5pm.
  • No walk-ins. Appointment required.
  • Couples filing jointly should both come to the appointment.
  • Upon arrival at your drop off appointment location you will do an intake that could take up to an hour. You will be registered with Get Your Refund and sent a link to e-sign (provide an electronic signature for) your return. If you are unable to e-sign your return, the VITA team will schedule a time for you to come in and sign it.
  • No past years' taxes can be completed at a drop-off location.

To make an in-person appointment
Call 211 or 833-342-5211 starting January 25, 2024. Appointments for drop off will be scheduled for January 29-March 29, 2024.

What to bring to your appointment
Make sure you’re prepared for your appointment. A list of what you’ll need to bring can be found here: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/checklist-for-free-tax-return-preparation. ID cards will be asked of dependents as well (if applicable).

At the drop off appointment

  • Fill out an intake form and do an interview. This can take up to an hour depending on your tax situation and the number of tax documents to be reviewed/copied. Leave tax documents with the VITA volunteer.
  • You will be registered with Get Your Refund and sent a link to e-sign (provide an electronic signature for) your return. If you are unable to e-sign your return, the VITA team will schedule a time for you to come in and sign it.
  • Your taxes will not be prepared during the appointment.

After drop off

  • Trained volunteers will prepare your return on a secure, IRS sponsored website using the information you provided.
  • A Quality Reviewer will check your return for accuracy and contact you to set up an appointment to review your return.
  • As of 2/7/24 (this may change as things get busier):
    The timeframe for PC VITA appointments from the drop-off appointment date to the follow up appointment date to sign taxes is about a week, maybe less. People can reply to any texts or emails they receive from VITA through GetYourRefund to ask questions.

At the review appointment

  • The review appointment will be over the phone, you view/sign your return by clicking a link sent to you, or…
  • You can request an in-person review appointment.
  • You will review, sign, and receive a copy of your return. The Quality Reviewer can answer any questions you may have.

Client Information Security
All information collected by IRS trained volunteers at Placer County VITA locations is stored using county encryption software and is then uploaded to GetYourRefund.org (a government site). This includes photo identification (selfie/s with ID card/s). All paperwork collected will be stored in a locked cabinet. Once copies of clients' information are uploaded, all documents are securely shredded. Virtual signatures will only be requested of clients from GetYourRefund.org's Call Center at 650-449-4147.

Who can be served, where?

  • Registered Domestic Partner Filings: Online or drop-off (recommended)
  • Health Savings Accounts: Online or drop-off only
  • Out of state filings: Online only

Who CANNOT be served? What CANNOT be filed?

  • Clients who claimed Bankruptcy: No VITA assistance available IF any part of the bankruptcy process was within the tax filing year (even if it was resolved)
  • Married Filing Separately
  • Clergy
  • Rental Income
  • Cancellation of Debt (other than non-business credit card debt)
  • Self-Employment with expenses MORE than $35,000 in expenses or business with Inventory (VITA tax preparers do not have certifications for these types of returns)

Military Personnel and Spouses

Active and Non-Active duty military incomes are fine for VITA tax service, the taxpayer just needs to meet other eligibility criteria.

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