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Working with superintendents, principals, teachers, and parents as well as local agencies and community groups, STAR provides educational and cultural enrichment opportunities.

Academic programs feature daily tutoring in math and literacy as well as school assemblies and innovative outreach programs. STAR offers its programs and events after school and in school, on nights and on weekends, at schools, community centers, restaurant/entertainment locations, museums and more.

Among their most successful cultural enrichment endeavors is the RockSTAR Music Education program, which teaches kindergarten through sixth-grade students how to play guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards, how to compose their own songs and how to perform rock 'n roll hits. Students form their own bands and learn musical skills, teamwork and professionalism as they embrace the power of rock. Students in their RockSTAR program as well as those in their other performance-oriented programs get the opportunity to showcase their skills at professional venues such as The Hard Rock Cafe, The House of Blues, The Grammy Museum, and even on Broadway.

Enrichment classes span the entire spectrum, from painting student masterpieces in our Art Department for exhibition at our Children's Art Festival to exploring environmentalism in our Science Department, culminating in the largest Children's Earth Day in Los Angeles, with over 40,000 in attendance. Through all of their many projects and programs, STAR students gain meaningful, real-world experience while pursuing their passions and realizing their dreams.