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211 Connecting Point does sign-ups for the County of Nevada's Office of Emergency Services (OES) Code RED alert system. Code RED offers notifications to county residents in case of emergencies or other critical community situations requiring alerts. Alerts may be received by means of text, email, landline, cell phone, and TTY. CodeRED is a product of the company called OnSolve. All Nevada County residents are encouraged to sign up. See below for info specific to the Truckee area.

Sign Up for Alerts
Online form allows users to enter their contact information and preferred communications methods.Assistance Signing Up for Alerts
211 Connecting Point does Code Red sign-ups for UNMANAGED accounts (accounts without a username and password). Unmanaged accounts are also known as Guest accounts. See more info below about managed accounts.

IMPORTANT: OES and 211 cannot access Code RED accounts. If people have questions, including any of the following, they need to call OnSolve Code Red Customer service at 866-939-0911, Mon-Fri, 5am-3pm PACIFIC time or email crsupport@onsolve.com.
  • I'm not sure if I'm registered. How can I check?
  • I registered with 211 Connecting Point so I do not have a managed account. How can I update my address or contact information?
  • I have a managed account but cannot remember my username or password. What should I do?
  • MORE QUESTIONS? Visit https://www.nevadacountyca.gov/2855/CodeRED-Frequently-Asked-Questions
Create a Managed Account
If people want a MANAGED account with a username and password (which allows them to update their own info), they need to create their own account online. Info at: https://readynevadacounty.org/ - click on Emergency Alerts or go directly to: https://www.nevadacountyca.gov/2713/Emergency-Alerts

Update a Managed Account
To do UPDATES if you already have a MANAGED ACCOUNT (with a username and password), you need to log in via the mynevadacounty website through the Nevada County Community Notification Enrollment (CNE) page: https://www.nevadacountyca.gov/2713/Emergency-Alerts. Click on the CodeRED icon to get to the login page. As of summer 2020, the login link is at the top right of the login page. (User interface could change.) If you need phone support for a managed account, call OnSolve Code Red Customer service at 866-939-0911, Mon-Fri, 5am-3pm PACIFIC time or email crsupport@onsolve.com.

  • Cordless & electric phones need to have power and have the ringer turned on (a traditional corded land line phone does not need electricity, but the ringer does need to be turned on)
  • Cell phones need to be on and have the ringer turned on
  • Add CodeRED to your contacts on your phone so you know who the call is coming from:
    • CodeRED Emergency Alert calls 866-419-5000
    • CodeRED General Alert calls 855-969-4636
    • CodeRED Text Alert might be 218-350-0131. Texts will originate from different phone numbers depending on the cellular service provider.
  • If you set your cell phone to DO NOT DISTURB at night, learn how to set it so CodeRED alerts can come through. Do an internet search on "how to bypass do not disturb on _______ (Android or iPhone).
TRUCKEECodeRED is an opt-in notification system, and alerts may be received as text, email, landline, cell phone, and TTY. Residents and visitors are encouraged to subscribe to CodeRED to stay informed in the event of an emergency. 

To register for CodeRED emergency alerts:Some properties within Placer County have Truckee in their mailing address but are in fact outside the Town of Truckee limits. In these cases CodeRED will not accept the address. Examples are in areas such as Martis Camp and Northstar. Placer County community members need to sign up for Placer Alert for messaging from the public safety agencies in their area. 
Placer Alert info: https://www.placer.ca.gov/2426/Placer-Alert
Placer Alert sign-up: https://member.everbridge.net/453003085611271/login
What county am I in? https://www.whatcountyamiin.com/#:~:text=%20What%20County%20Am%20I%20In%3F%20%201,what%20county%20it%20is%20located%20in.%20More%20?msclkid=5fd395b8d08311ecb443f999993a0d06
If an address is not within Nevada County limits but people would still like to get CodeRED emergency alerts they can register for CodeRED by inputting an address that is within Nevada County limits. Whether they do this by creating an account or enrolling as a guest, they will need to use an address that is within Nevada County. This will not impact anyone else registering and will provide information about emergency alerts that are related to the zoning of the address that is used. People should pick an address which closest to their address for the most accurate information that would impact them.
If people do not know a Nevada County address, they can use Truckee Town Hall at 10183 Truckee Airport Rd, Truckee, CA 96161. Please note that they will be receiving general alerts for the entire Truckee area and for the specific zoning of the address input.

Placer County Emergency Alerts (NOT CODERED)
Everbridge is the Placer County alert system equivalent to CodeRED for Nevada County. 211 DOES NOT ASSIST in sign-ups for Everbridge alerts for Placer County. However, 211 does provide information on these alert services.