Gender Health Center Programs include Counseling Services, Advocacy, Outreach, Respite, Name & Gender Change Help, and a Hormone Clinic.

Advocacy Services offered:
Advocacy Services 
Advocates meet with clients on a bi-weekly or weekly basis to set goals using a strengths-based, client-centered approach. The program works to connect clients with resources and to assist clients in navigating all GHC services when appropriate, such as counseling, name and gender change assistance, health insurance options, economic empowerment program, hormone clinics and legal health clinics.

Name and Gender Change Paperwork Assistance 
Advocates assist clients in filling out name and gender change court paperwork and identity documents, such as driver license, birth certificate, passport and social security changes; become familiar with the court process for changing name and gender; provide information to clients around the process for legal name and gender change.

Covered California Outreach and Education 
GHC is Northern California’s link to affordable health care. Currently, we are working under a grant from Covered California to find uninsured folks, focusing on the queer and trans community in Northern California. We table at community events, host town hall meetings and educational workshops.

Economic Empowerment Program 
GHC provides employment and career counseling appointments. Advocates do an assessment to refer to employment and career counselors.

Time: Mon - Fri (by appointment only
Location: Gender Health Center, 2020 29th Street, Suite 201, Sacramento, CA 95817; (916) 455-2391 
Cost: FREE 
Schedule Appointment: Call GHC at (916) 455-2391 for more info or to schedule an appointment 

This is one of many possible Calling Out Hate (COH) program resources.