• 440 Henderson Street
    Grass Valley, Nevada
  • Business Line
    Phone is staffed before 1pm M-W-F, before 10am Tuesdays and Thursdays

Interfaith Food Ministry provides supplemental groceries, including baby formula and baby food when available, to low-income individuals and families. Diapers are also available at regular food distributions, and they will also hand out diapers only (no food) on Tuesday or Thursday from 7am-11am.

  • Reservation System - Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10am-11:30am Reservations Only. 11:30am-1:00pm First Come, First Served. Saturday: No Reservations, First Come, First Served. No actual start date yet for reservations but may be around the end of June or beginning of July. Make reservations on the IFM Portal.
  • Please consider coming in later for shorter wait times. Wait time at opening is typically 60+minutes, however, wait times drop to about 30 minutes later in the day (after11:30am/noon). Please remember that IFM is asking people to wait until 9:30amto get in line and to leave the space in front of the Beam Center clear. Please follow all traffic instructions.


People needing free supplemental groceries are allowed to come to IFM once every other week.*

WHAT: Food distribution

WHEN: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am-1pm. ALSO every Saturday from10am-1pm in collaboration with United Way of Nevada County.

WHERE: 440 Henderson Street, Grass Valley, CA 95945


On Saturdays at the IFM food distribution...

Free phones (also known as lifeline phones or Obama phones) for eligible low-income Nevada County residents.

WHAT: Free smartphones for eligible Nevada County residents. These phones use the T-Mobile network which has limited coverage in Nevada County.

WHEN: 10am-12pm on Saturdays (you can call IFM to confirm: 530-273-8132)

WHERE: Interfaith Food Ministry food distribution, 440 Henderson Street, Grass Valley, CA 95945


*Updated December 2022: Each individual or family may receive food once EVERYOTHER week. This means a family can visit any day they choose, M, W, F, or Sa and that counts as their visit for the week. Then they must skip one week of M,W, F, or Sat Distribution Days, and then they can return on any day the following week. IFM has had to scale back how often families can visit, but they are striving to provide MORE food during each visit. This will remain in effect until further notice.

EXCEPTION: If someone is experiencing homelessness, they are able to pick up no-cook/no-fridge food ONCE per week.

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This is a Ready to Grow (R2G) resource. Ready to Grow is a First 5 Nevada County program to connect children 0-5 with services and information that support their well-being. Organizations with programs that have this R2G tag may have additional programs of interest to families.