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CalFresh (also known as the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program or SNAP) is a federally mandated program that provides monthly food benefits to assist low-income households in purchasing nutritious food. Visit the California Department of Social Services CalFresh Site for more information on the CalFresh program.

CalFresh Benefits
The amount of CalFresh benefits depends on family size, income, and monthly expenses such as housing, utilities, and child care. The benefits will be loaded onto an Electronic Benefits Transfer card (EBT card) that looks like a regular credit card and can be used at most markets and grocery stores. Learn more about how to get and use your EBT card. In general, these benefits are for any food or ingredient intended for human consumption. Benefits may also be used to buy seeds to grow your own food. Benefits may not be used for items such as alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, or paper products. CalFresh benefits may be able to be used at some restaurants, farmers markets, and online sellers.

US citizens or Legal Permanent Residents may qualify to receive CalFresh benefits. Families and individuals without children can both be eligible for CalFresh. You may be eligible for CalFresh even if you own a home, are homeless, are self-employed, get Social Security, have a job, or don't have a job. CalFresh is a low income program - the gross income limit is 200% of the Federal Poverty Line. However, CalFresh program rules are complex - some income is not countable, and some individuals with income below 200% FPL may not qualify for CalFresh. If you have a hard time buying enough food for yourself or your family, the best way to find out if you're eligible for CalFresh is to apply online.

Several Nevada County Farmers Markets offer a CalFresh matching program called Market Money (or Market Match), where you can double your CalFresh dollars up to a specified dollar amount per market per week. Amount may change from year to year. In 2023 it was $15.

If food is lost due to power outage or other disaster
In the case of natural disaster, PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS), and some other circumstances, food benefits may possibly be replaced. Application must be filed within 10 days of the end of an event (such as a power shutoff). Counties sometimes extend the application period.

CalFresh recipients can apply to have benefits replaced by submitting the Replacement or Disaster Supplement Affidavit (CF 303) - see below. Nevada County staff say it's best to go in person to your nearest Nevada County Department of Social Services office to apply for replacement benefits. If that is not possible, call 530-265-1340 or email for specific questions about the CF 303 form and replacement program.

Benefits replacement form - Replacement or Disaster Supplement Affidavit (CF 303) for applying for CalFresh replacement benefits after disaster

The ebtEDGE Application provides EBT cardholders with increased card/account management tools. It can be downloaded from the AppStore or accessed via a web browser. The app/web-based version offers the following:

  • Check Balances
  • Access Transaction History
  • See Benefit Schedule
  • Find Retailers with the Retailer Locator
  • Change your EBT PIN #
  • Order a replacement EBT card.

Available on the IOS App Store and Google Play Store. Web-based access via

Web pages

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