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Nevada County Now offers paratransit and senior on-demand dial-a-rides. There is no Sunday service. Service area includes Grass Valley, Nevada City, Penn Valley, Lake Wildwood, and other local areas (see link to map in Web Pages section below).

See bottom of this listing for info about evacuating with animals in event of disaster.

The County of Nevada Transit Services administers an origin-to-destination/door-to-door paratransit service for persons with disabilities who, due to a mental or physical disability, are unable to use the fixed-route bus system, as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Eligibility for Paratransit Service
  • In order to become eligible for paratransit service, a passenger must complete an ADA application form and be certified as eligible. Forms (printer friendly and fillable PDF) are available on the web page and through the Nevada County Transit Office 530-477-0103 or toll-free 888-660-7433 and through Nevada County Now at 530- 271-7433 or toll-free 855-314-7433. 
To Reserve a Ride
  • Effective August 1, 2023, Nevada County Now offers same day on-demand services to disabled community members. This means that seniors 65 and over and eligible members of the disabled community can call for same day, on-demand rides instead of having to book rides a day or more in advance. (Until Aug 1, 2023, reservations must be made at least a day in advance.)
  • Reservations are made by calling Nevada County Now at 530-271-7433 or toll free at 855-314-7433. You will be asked to make a reservation for the return trip at the same time you make your original reservation.
People who live up to 3/4 of a mile outside the "ADA Service Area" may be eligible for services as follows. Beyond ADA (Supplemental) Service: Nevada County, via Nevada County Now, provides supplemental paratransit service up to 3/4 of a mile beyond the mandated 3/4 mile ADA service area boundary. This service is provided on a limited basis depending on operational capacity. Individuals requesting Beyond ADA service area trips must be ADA certified. Please note that trips originating or terminating in the Beyond ADA service area will be prioritized for medical appointments due to the limited service capacity.

Senior On-Demand Dial-a-Ride service is available to Western Nevada County residents.

Eligibility for Senior On-Demand Dial-a-Ride
  • Simply an identification which verifies age of 65 or older, such as: State issued driver’s license or ID card, Nevada County Connects Senior Discount Fare ID card, or Medicare ID card.
  • For first time trips, passengers must have their proof of age available. You will also need to fill out a simple form and either mail or turn it in to your driver. See link to form below.
To request a ride
  • Participants need to call Nevada County Now at 530-271-7433 or 855-314-7433. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 8am to 3pm.
  • Rides may be requested for the same day, but all Senior On-Demand Dial-a-Ride trips will be provided on an available capacity basis only, with ADA-mandated paratransit trips taking priority.
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Evacuation orders and animals
In the event of evacuation for an emergency, Nevada County Connects bus service (formerly Gold Country Stage) and Nevada County Now paratransit service (formerly Gold Country Lift) provide transportation for evacuees with animals as follows (NOTE: this could be superseded by the Nevada County Office of Emergency Services): 
  • Service animals are allowed. No size or type restrictions (except that they must be small enough to fit on the bus).
  • Non-service animals are allowed. Size requirement: animals must be in a leak proof cage that is carried and controlled by their owner. No type of animal restrictions (birds, snakes, and others are welcome). No large non-service animals allowed who cannot be carried (e.g., horses, cows).
CONTACT: Nevada County Connects: 530-477-0103; Nevada County Now Paratransit: 530-271-7433, toll free 855-341-7433